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At TD Eure Marine Construction, we understand the unique logistical challenges that coastal projects can present. That's why we offer comprehensive Barge and Crane Support Services to assist you in transporting equipment, materials, and personnel to coastal locations efficiently and seamlessly. With our expertise and resources, we ensure that your project stays on schedule and that all necessary resources are delivered precisely where they are needed.

Barge transporting heavy equipment to Hammocks Beach State Park; Swansboro, NC
Tugboat and Barge Transporting Crane on the ICW; Wilmington, NC

Experienced Crew

Our highly skilled and experienced crew members ensure the safe handling and secure transport of your cargo. They are trained in proper loading and securing techniques, adhering to industry best practices and safety standards.

Barge Transporting Equipment and Materials to BT-11; Piney Island, NC

Project Coordination

Our dedicated team works closely with you to understand your project requirements and logistics. We coordinate the barge transportation services in alignment with your project timeline, ensuring that the right resources are in place when you need them.

TD Eure Waterfront Laydown Yard; 575 HWY 70 (Radio Island); Beaufort, NC

Waterfront Laydown Yard

To facilitate the loading of equipment and materials onto the barges, we have a dedicated waterfront laydown yard conveniently located to major inlets, the ICW and Piney Island (BT-11). This secure facility provides a staging area where items can be organized, prepared, and efficiently loaded onto the barges, streamlining the logistical process.

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